About Us

The Internet offers unlimited possibilities in your pursuit of business success. It is worth being one step ahead of the competition that is actively pursuing goals similar to yours. It is worth having the support of a trusted team of digital marketing experts during the competition. By cooperating with us, you will get all the help in the field of internet marketing, and thus we leave you valuable space for business activities in which you specialize.

In the network, communication is always the most important thing. This is also true for brands and their audiences. You will be sure that your clients understand your message – they will learn exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it and for whom.


Greenfields has been operating since 2013. Over the years, we are up to date with the dynamically developing field of digital marketing. We like to think of SEM as a martial arts sport – because we understand that there are rarely any second place points.

We create new trends and tools on our own. We adhere to Peter Drucker’s principle: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. We are the pioneers of the local SEO.


  • SEO – with us, you will gain a high, stable position in Google and other search engines. Our knowledge, supported by advanced tools, ensures that your website is fully optimized. A well-thought-out and safe link-building strategy guarantees high positions in Google for phrases that will bring you the most benefits.
  • PPC campaigns – we conduct hundreds of advertising campaigns on the Internet. We efficiently and effectively navigate in the Google, Facebook and Linkedin ecosystem. You can be sure that the money invested by you will be used well.
  • Web analytics – this is by far one of our strongest points. You will receive complete data about the effectiveness of your marketing activities. We also provide web analytics training.
  • Google Company Profiles – currently the most important contact point with the brand on the Internet. If you run a business locally or based on the structures of local points of service and trade, you must talk to us. We have unique knowledge and proprietary technology – the GreenfieldsLocal application – which allows you to use Google Profiles to earn for you faster and more effectively than other channels.

Who do we cooperate with?

Our offer is aimed at all entities for which the search engine is a marketing tool.

We work for global, domestic and local leaders. We deliver sales in online stores, generate sales leads and care for an appropriate image on the web.

We work in all European languages and on as many as 4 continents.

Our team

Greenfields is made up of 20 specialists from all areas of digital marketing. We are constantly developing.

Our experts:

– conduct classes at universities,

– search for and implement the most recent trends in global e-commerce,

– they conduct innovative trainings.

Our team uses advanced technology, and if there are no available ready-made solutions that meet our criteria, we create technologies that will allow us to improve our operations, just like we have created our own application for mass service and positioning of Google Corporate Profiles – GreenfieldsLocal.

What makes us stand out?

At Greenfields, we pride ourselves on our values, which guide our work. We are creative, independent, and positively motivated. We have the right tools at our disposal. As a result, we know very well how to combine various marketing strategies. Choosing cooperation with Greenfields, you choose:

  • Knowledge and experience – are the key to our efficiency. We have extensive theoretical resources and many years of experience built in cooperation with trusted partners. Due to the implementation of dozens of projects, we have a solid knowledge of the industry and best practices in digital marketing. We put a lot of emphasis on constant development – we constantly learn, because e-marketing itself is constantly changing.
  • Responsibility – you can be sure that we will carry out the tasks entrusted to us correctly and within the prescribed time limits. We approach each project with due diligence as a solid work ethic is very important to us.
  • Credibility – we base all our actions and recommendations on hard data. We apply proven methods relating to similar products, services and markets. We make no promises that are impossible to fulfill. Instead, we prefer an analytical approach because we respect the time and money of our clients.
  • Commitment – starting cooperation with each customer is preceded by a detailed analysis of their needs, goals and business environment. We feel responsible for the client’s business. We translate complicated issues in an accessible way and we are happy to share our knowledge. We strive for many years of business relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Teamwork – we are constantly developing, however, we are a medium-sized company, not a corporation – and this is our mentality. We focus on partnership relations with our clients: based on dialogue, trust and kindness. We have more time for one client, which allows us to be more involved. We want to get to know your business inside out and find solutions that larger agencies often overlook.
  • Transparency – we set real goals and educate our customers. We develop tailor-made offers – we tell you directly what can be done and what can not. You always know how much and for what you are paying. At each stage of the project, you have a perspective of what is going to happen a few steps further. We adjust the valuation to the industry, target group and the company with which we cooperate. We also inform you about opportunities for your business that extend beyond our services.