LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

LinkedIn is a social network suitable for B2B sales. Moreover, this platform will allow you to reach directly the decision-makers with whom you want to cooperate. You will further increase your chances of meeting your business goals through LinkedIn Ads campaigns. Greenfields should be commissioned to coordinate them professionally. Our specialists will do their best to generate as many leads for you as possible.

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LinkedIn Ads

Via LinkedIn you can use the effective LinkedIn Lead Ads system. You can choose from advertisements in the form of:

  • a text
  • photos,
  • carousels,
  • videos,
  • job offers,
  • dynamic,
  • news,
  • conversational
  • events.

What’s more, you can define who is to see your ad. LinkedIn allows you to precisely define groups of recipients, for example by industry, education or profession.


Who are the Linkedin Ads ads for?

LinkedIn Ads is a service that can be used by company accounts registered on a social networking site. We recommend LinkedIn Ads mainly to brands that care about creating a professional image on the web. You should also use LinkedIn Ads:

  • during recruitment,
  • making new acquaintances in the industry
  • or looking for business partners.

Why is it worth promoting your company on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most popular business social networking service in the world. It is used by approximately 600 million users, 50 million of which are company accounts. In Poland, LinkedIn is also widely used by about 5 million people. At the same time, advertising on LinkedIn is still relatively new. It allows companies to stand out from the competition and build brand awareness in a specific industry.

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Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

Positive company image.
Generating B2B leads.
Increased sales of products and services
Establishing new business connections
Attracting valuable employees.
Conversion monitoring.

What makes up the cost of a campaign?

The cost of advertising on LinkedIn is based on the cost per click. Its value depends on the ad's quality result and the selected billing model. The better optimized the ad, the higher its click-through rate, and the lower the cost per click. This is where Greenfields' additional paid services offer the best value for money - the agency will achieve the best results for your campaign.

Stages of LinkedIn Ads Campaign at Greenfields

An effective LinkedIn advertisement primarily depends on a well-selected target audience, a tailored message, and the technical configuration of the campaign. It's worth entrusting this task to specialists. Greenfields' range of services includes:

Understanding the target group and the desired results you want to achieve.
Creating and optimizing a LinkedIn Ads account.
Determining the budget, implementation time, and planned campaign schedule.
Configuring your website with a LinkedIn tracking tag.
Preparing advertising materials for selected ad types.
Audience targeting.
Launching the campaign and its ongoing optimization based on the agreed advertising budget.
Regular results reporting.