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Social media brand presence is an essential element of building an online image. In addition to profiles on Facebook or Instagram, a YouTube channel is worth attention. To stand out from the competition, you need to focus on video SEO. You can achieve effective SEO by collaborating with a trusted agency. 


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What is YouTube positioning?

Through proper optimisation of your channel and the content you publish, you can gain better visibility on YouTube. If the platform's algorithm deems your content valuable, it will display it more frequently to people interested in your industry. This applies to videos appearing in YouTube search results and recommendations on the homepage, in the sidebar with similar videos, or in the "Explore" tab.

How does YouTube search work?

Positioning videos on YouTube works similarly to web page SEO in Google. YouTube's search engine primarily considers keywords used in the video title, description, and tags. If users' queries include those keywords, the videos are suggested to them. However, for popular topics with a vast amount of content, the search engine also takes into account additional video characteristics. It primarily suggests videos of the highest quality, credibility, and viewing comfort.

Who is YouTube positioning for?



Contrary to common belief, positioning a YouTube channel is a good idea not only for creators associated with video content but also for various businesses. The key is to come up with a channel which content will be eagerly watched. Brands should create content related to their work, such as tutorials or product usage guides. Interesting video ideas also include vlogs about the company's life or video coverage of events. Such content can be published by:

  • online stores, 
  • beauty salons, 
  • hairdressers, 
  • furniture manufacturers, 
  • physiotherapists, 
  • car workshops, 
  • and many other specialists and service providers.

Benefits of positioning content on YouTube

Reaching new content consumers - each platform has its own user profile. With YouTube, you can reach new potential customers who don't use other social media.
Increased sales - when your channel becomes successful on YouTube, you can easily direct traffic to your website, increasing sales of products or services.
Brand recognition - regular content publication on YouTube allows you to work more effectively on brand recognition online.
Increased trust - valuable and professionally produced videos will gain trust among your audience.
Competitive advantage - many companies still don't have a YouTube channel, and most of them don't publish content regularly. Hence, you can quickly gain an advantage over them on this platform.


Success Metrics and YouTube Signals Affecting Ranking

The better your videos are received, the more frequently YouTube algorithms will suggest them to users. To achieve this, the platform takes into account various factors, including:

  • the number of channel subscriptions, 
  • comments under videos, 
  • thumbs up left by users, 
  • video thumbnail click-through rate, 
  • video sharing, 
  • video length, 
  • video publication frequency, 
  • sudden increases in views.

Key Elements of YouTube SEO

For effective video positioning on YouTube, metadata optimisation is essential. Key SEO elements for each YouTube video are:

It should have an optimal length (at least 5 words and not more than 60 characters), contain keywords, and encourage video playback.
Ideally between 250-450 words, with the most important information included in the first 100-150 characters, followed by further elaboration. The description should contain key information about the video content and keywords, preferably repeated several times.
YouTube suggests sample thumbnails from video frames, but it's better to create a custom one that encourages viewers to watch.
Keywords related to the video's topic will make it easier for interested users to find the video.
Elements Facilitating Video Reception
Elements Facilitating Video Reception
Start and end screens, chapter divisions, and subtitles.

How much does YouTube positioning cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all price for YouTube positioning. It starts at 55€ net, but the final cost depends on many variables, such as your industry, the initial state of the channel, the number and quality of videos. Your competition and their position on the platform also matter. Therefore, you can learn the specific cost of positioning during a personalised quote. The scale effect is also essential: optimising one video won't be as effective as SEO for ten videos on a YouTube channel. However, here's some good news - you can receive a free and non-binding quote from Greenfields. Simply contact us by email or phone.

How Does YouTube Positioning Work at Greenfields?

By choosing YouTube video positioning services at Greenfields, you'll get:

  1. A thorough audit of your channel and published videos. 
  2. Competition analysis. 
  3. A specially developed YouTube positioning strategy. 
  4. A list of optimisation changes that you can implement yourself or have our specialists do it. 
  5. Support in planning further content that appeals to your audience. 
  6. Access to professional SEO tools. 
  7. Regular reporting on the results with discussions. 
  8. The possibility of further optimisation.