Fixed Google Business Profile Support for Franchise Networks

The offer applies to the constant support of Google Profiles for the network. Your brand recognition is not everything – in the case of many points in different locations, one-time positioning of the Google Profile is not enough. Each premises, bank branch or brick-and-mortar shop requires the same constant commitment. Bet on a comprehensive service, which is the support of Google Profile for franchise networks.

Permanente analytische Betreuung von Google Unternehmensprofilen für Franchise-Netzwerke

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Google Profiles for Franchise Networks – What Are They and Why Are They Important?

The Google Company Profile, previously known as the company profile, allows you to display information about the company and present the offer in an attractive way at any point of your network. Skilfully used profiles can constitute a key channel of communication and acquisition of local customers. In many cases, you can close the desired conversion in the Google Profile itself, without the need to use additional services and tools. Almost anyone can edit the profiles on the maps, which is why it is so important to control them.

Constant support for network profiles ensures:

  • Better visibility of individual points – Your services and products will be offered more to nearby people.
  • Easy contact between the customer and the company – One click is enough to select the contact number to the nearest point on your smartphone, arrange a service or go to an online store.
  • Credibility – Google reviews with a response from the company enjoy great confidence. Reviews are one of the most common factors in choosing a particular brand. Your responses to customer feedback and questions show your company’s commitment.
  • Conversion – You can gain valuable sales leads with the help of Google Profiles.

Why should Google Profiles be centrally operated?

One-time optimization of the Google Profile, and then its abandonment or handing over to a franchisee is still a common mistake of many networks in Poland. A much better solution is the central running of the Google Profile, which ensures:

  • A professional look of the company’s profile – each Google Business Profile will include the current logo, photos of the offer, and the interior of the point.
  • A coherent marketing communication – central management of Google Profiles guarantees full synchronization of network activities and standardized communication with customers.
  • Providing up-to-date information – for example, on promotions and news. Users who view your photos or posts can commission a service for you, place an order or enter the website of an online store.
  • Systematic communication – responding quickly to opinions, including negative ones, translates into greater trust in the company.
  • Full control – thanks to this, you can be sure that the information about the company is up-to-date, displayed correctly, and changes made by Google and map users are blocked.

Greenfields Local application for a mass management of profiles

Effective Google Profiles positioning is not the only advantage of working with Greenfields. We offer a proprietary application for mass feedback management, which makes it much easier for networks to run company profiles in Google. With a dedicated tool you can:

  • optimize the process of handling comments,
  • monitor feedback and inquiries on all profiles from one place,
  • respond quickly to clients,
  • use an intuitive e-mail-like interface,
  • analyze the statistics section,
  • publish and update content such as posts, photos or restaurant menus
  • block edits from Google and map users
  • monitor and quickly respond to unfavorable content from customers

Google profile management steps for corporations and franchises in Greenfields

  • We update the data – the offer has changed in the company, there are different opening hours, or maybe it’s holidays and on some days the facility will be closed? We will inform customers who view your Profile about this. We will also show them new products and current promotions.
  • We encourage you to add your opinion – the basis for the effectiveness of recommendations in Google is their credibility. For this reason, we rely only on honest opinions from real customers. It is worth motivating them for feedback, for example by sending e-mails thanking them for using the services and asking them for their opinion.
  • We respond to opinions in accordance with the company’s policy – conscientious adherence to communication guidelines builds a professional image of each point on the web.
  • We add entries – regular publications and adequately saturated with keywords have a positive impact on a better company and its offer.
  • We publish photos and videos – if the restaurant has undergone a rebranding and has a different logo, a new menu has been introduced in it or the decor of the place has changed, these are great opportunities to add new photos and graphics to your Google business profile.