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Running an online business is like being in a never-ending marathon. To win, you need proper preparation and a way to beat the competition. Does your company have a great offer? Then give customers the chance to find it by investing in website positioning. Online competition is fierce, but you don't have to face it alone to reach the top. With the support of our SEO agency, you'll quickly realize that effective website positioning is stress-free - we guarantee predictability, measurability, and most importantly, tailor our work to your individual needs.


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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to actions taken on and off the website to increase its visibility in search engine results, particularly its position on Google's result list. After entering any query into the search engine, such as "SEO agency," Google presents a list of the most relevant website suggestions. These sites are sorted from most to least valuable, encouraging users to use the results on the first page. 

Although having a website listed on Google is a small success in itself, it's crucial to recognize that most users focus primarily on the top, free search results. This is due to time-saving and trust in the search engine algorithm. As a result, website owners who understand the benefits of SEO continually strive to achieve higher rankings for their sites.

The detailed SEO process includes:

1. Client Briefing
1. Client Briefing
We get to know your industry and needs, defining common goals. The more you share with us, the faster and better we can implement actions that bring benefits.
2. SEO Audit
2. SEO Audit
We analyse the website, comparing it to competitors. We identify errors, examining the site structure (e.g., category trees or URLs), as well as untapped potential areas. We also analyse and select keywords and develop a long-term positioning strategy.
3. On-site SEO
3. On-site SEO
We implement actions directly on the positioned website. This includes adjusting the site to user needs (user experience), content marketing (creating valuable content on the site), and technical optimisation.
4. Optimisation of linking profile
4. Optimisation of linking profile
We analyse the existing link profile and leverage its potential. Additionally, we individually decide to expand the link profile and acquire new external links directing to the website. The goal is to link to related websites with a high-quality index. This ensures your company is also present elsewhere on the internet.
5. Measurement and Conversion Optimisation
5. Measurement and Conversion Optimisation
We use professional tools to verify results and further improve the website.
6. Regular Result Reporting
6. Regular Result Reporting
We prepare reports on the effects, giving you a comprehensive view of the SEO results.

What is the Purpose of SEO?

Professional website positioning builds brand awareness among potential customers, increases sales and conversions, and stimulates business growth. This allows an online store to expand its product range, a hair salon to hire more staff, and a furniture company to gain a competitive advantage. SEO helps establish a strong market position, making your business more resilient during crises. 

Remember! Effective SEO is not just about high website rankings. We ensure that your site is positioned for the right keywords, as this guarantees the desired conversion.

Why Is SEO So Important?

The internet has long surpassed other mass media advertising methods such as print, radio, or television. It has a significant advantage - free search results. Note that SEO has long-term effects. By investing in it today, you will appreciate the results not only in a month but also in a year or even after several years.

Top 5 SEO Benefits:

Professional Image - improving website quality translates into a positive perception of your brand by users. An intuitive, fast-loading, and well-positioned website is associated with high-quality services.
Quality Traffic - we attract the right audience to your website. These are people genuinely interested in your offer.
Increased Visibility - appearing on the first page of Google search results for popular phrases ensures reaching a large audience. You will quickly gain an advantage over the competition.
Transparency and Measurable Results - SEO is not guesswork. Using professional tools, we continuously monitor the implemented strategy and regularly provide you with clear statistics, such as traffic and conversions. You can actively participate in supervising our work.
Long-term Effects - organic website positioning works every day, 24/7. Long-term promotion of your site will bring a high return on the investment made in SEO.

Who Needs SEO?

Marketing is continuously migrating to the internet, not only for e-commerce but also for companies in the service, industrial, or agricultural sectors. Regardless, if you operate internationally, nationwide, or locally, website positioning is a profitable investment for anyone who exists online or wishes to establish an online presence. If you plan to increase your earnings, positioning is the right solution.

What Does the SEO Strategy Depend On?

At Greenfields, our primary goal is to understand your business from the inside out. Then we select the appropriate platforms and actions, creating a comprehensive SEO strategy. It depends on:

  • Website type (e.g., corporate website, online store, or blog)
  • The industry in which your brand operates
  • Keywords competitiveness
  • The current Position of the Website on Google
  • Domain History
  • Budget allocated to SEO

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How Much Does Website Positioning Cost?

The cost of positioning includes both the price of professional tools and the time spent by various specialists. SEO prices can vary due to the above differences in the positioning strategy for each website. We offer you a personalized quote, ensuring that positioning aligns not only with your industry but also with the budget you have. At Greenfields, we will jointly develop the most favourable offer based on the cooperation model you prefer. We are happy to prepare a detailed price list for you, taking into account various strategy variants.