Growing your online and brick and mortar sales

The Internet offers unlimited opportunities for business success. It is good to stay one step ahead of your competitors who are actively pursuing goals similar to yours. In competition, however, it is a good idea to get the support of a trusted team of digital marketing experts. Our marketing agency offers all kinds of assistance in the area of online marketing, leaving you valuable space for the business you know how to do best.

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Our services are designed for all businesses for which the search engine is a marketing tool. We work for global, national and local leaders. We deliver online store sales, generate sales leads, and make sure you have a proper image online. We work in all European languages and on as many as 4 continents.

Certificates and achievements

We have a strong focus on continued development, constantly learning new things as e-marketing is constantly changing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do we offer as an interactive agency?

  • SEO – we will make sure you have a high and stable position in Google and other search engines. Our knowledge backed by advanced tools ensures full optimisation of your website. A well-thought and safe link building strategy guarantees high rankings in Google for the phrases that are of most benefit for you.
  • PPC campaigns – we run hundreds of online advertising campaigns. We can efficiently and effectively navigate Google, Facebook or Linkedin ecosystems. You can rest assured that your invested funds are put to good use.
  • Web analytics – this is definitely one of our biggest strengths. We will provide you with complete data on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. We also provide training in web analytics.
  • Google Business Profiles – today, the most important point of contact with a brand online. If you are running a business locally or based on a structure of local establishments, then you absolutely must talk to us. We have unique expertise and proprietary technology – namely the GreenfieldsLocal app – that will make it easier to manage your Google Business Profiles faster and more efficiently than other channels.

Marketing agency – how to choose the best one?

The market is full of interactive agencies offering online marketing services. What to look for when choosing one for you?

  1. Knowledge and experience: you should verify this by reviewing the agency’s certifications and portfolio beforehand. You can also ask them about the online internet marketing tools that they use.
  2. Business transparency: read the draft agreement, clarify any doubts in advance with the digital marketing agency, and ask about ways to measure the effectiveness of their activities and reporting.
  3. Teamwork: find out more about the agency’s people, whether the agency is large in size or rather boutique, how much time it can devote to promote your project online, how many people will work on it.
  4. Credibility: all actions and recommendations offered by the SEO agency should be supported by hard data. An analytical approach is now the key for successful operations.

How to start working with our marketing agency?

Before you start collaboration with any marketing agency, it is a good idea to identify your goals and business needs. Once these have been determined, contact us to discuss your needs. We will then prepare a tailored proposal for you, specifically prepared for your business.

What are the benefits of SEO for businesses?

Positioning for businesses will help your company make its presence known in the search engine. With SEO, you will increase the visibility of your website and thus the number of potential customers. Positioning for businesses is also a great idea to increase the recognition and credibility of your brand.

How to boost your sales with the help of a marketing agency?

To increase your sales, you need to understand the needs and expectations of your customers. You need to constantly improve your products and services so that you don’t lag behind your competitors. So how do you increase sales? Your business needs to be highly visible online. Our agency can help you right at the website design stage to make it compliant with Google guidelines and user-friendly. We also offer Google Ads and social media advertising services. If you need help to boost your sales, contact us!