Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Campaigns

In the online world, it's hard to find a better place for advertising than social media. In that group, Facebook and Instagram have held the highest position for years. Every month, these platforms are visited by more than 2 billion users! Partner with Greenfields to maximize the potential of Facebook and Instagram. We will run professional Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns for you.

Facebook Ads und Instagram Ads-Kampagnen

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid content displayed to users while browsing the social media platform. Depending on the ad configuration, Facebook Ads can appear in various places on the site, such as news feeds, stories, or suggested videos. Although Facebook Ads catch the eye, they don't generate negative emotions among the audience. This is due to the content being tailored to Facebook users who have an interest in a particular topic.

What is included in Facebook Ads?

With Facebook Ads, you can create more than just Facebook advertising campaigns. American technology conglomerate Meta Platforms Inc. has also Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Thanks to this, your ads can appear, among others, in the explore section on Instagram and in the inboxes of the aforementioned messengers.

Types of Ads in the Facebook Ads Network

Graphics – Any images that are intended to advertise your products and services. These can be, for example, pictures or advertising banners.
Slideshows – a looped movie consisting of up to 10 frames in the form of different graphics. A good form of advertisement for an online store.
Carousels – they contain several graphics that the user can move on his own.
Videos – video in an attractive way for the audience will allow you to smuggle in more content than a single graphic.
Collections – the most accessible option for presenting the assortment of an online store. Individual product photos can direct you to the appropriate shopping pages.
Instant Content – Formerly known as Canvas, is displayed when browsing Facebook on mobile devices.


Are Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads suitable forms of advertising for me?

 Social media is a treasure trove of users who could potentially become customers of your business. The majority of Facebook and Instagram users visit these platforms every day, even multiple times a day. The Facebook Ads algorithm analyses their preferences, allowing it to effectively target individuals interested in your offers. So, if you want to increase sales of your products or services on the internet, we highly recommend taking advantage of advertising campaigns on Facebook.

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What business goals can I achieve?

Advertising campaigns like Facebook Ads, utilize an exceptionally advanced algorithm that allows achieving various business goals, such as:

  • Traffic: The ad redirects users to a destination of your choice, such as your website.
  • Impressions: Particularly important for video ads, which should be viewed in their entirety by users.
  • Brand Awareness: People who view your ads gradually become familiar with your brand's visual identity and offerings.
  • Reach: Want to reach the widest audience possible? This goal will help you acquire new, potential customers.
  • Conversion: Facebook ads can prompt users to take specific actions, such as registering on a website, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter.
  • App Installs: This conversion is specifically tailored to app installations.
  • Leads: You can gather data about users visiting your website. This way, you can learn their email addresses, phone numbers, or city of residence, among other things.
  • Engagement: Thanks to such ads, you can increase the number of reactions and comments on your brand's posts on Facebook.
  • Sales: Using special tools, you can display product catalogues to users who previously browsed your website.
  • Messages: If the priority is to contact customers through Messenger, you can inform them about your products and services through this messenger.

Benefits of Ads Actions

The advantages of using Facebook Ads are partly reflected in the business goals of this advertising system. Among the main advantages of Facebook advertising campaigns, the following are worth noting:

Increased brand recognition: Users seeing ads about your business every day gain trust in your products or services.
Attention-grabbing: Facebook's advantage lies in its fast and intuitive navigation. People interested in the ad can visit your company's Facebook account or your website in one step.
Increased website traffic: Redirecting traffic from Facebook to your website will allow you to acquire new audiences who haven't reached your site from other sources.
Creating target groups: Facebook is a data treasure trove that allows not only easy targeting of advertising content but also, through remarketing groups, a better understanding of your audience, customization of your services to market requirements, and building a loyal community.

What factors contribute to the cost of a campaign?

 The cost of advertising on Facebook or Instagram is based on your own financial capabilities. A flexible budget ensures that you never overpay for this service. However, it's worth allocating a portion of the funds to support certified specialists. By partnering with Greenfields, you don't have to decipher the intricacies of Facebook operations on your own. We will develop a unique strategy that will enable you achieving your desired goals on this social media platform.

Stages of Facebook Ads Campaigns at Greenfields

Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns are a comprehensive service offered by Greenfields, that follow the specified scheme:

Defining goals – during discussions, you tell us which Facebook advertising effects are most important to you. We also provide you with ideas on how to make the most of Facebook and other social media potential.
Configuring your account – we fine-tune your Facebook account, place the Facebook Pixel on your website, create a product catalogue, and much more
Analysing your target audience – using professional tools, we determine the data of users interested in your offers.
Developing the details of the Facebook Ads campaign – we determine the budget, time frames, and target audiences on Facebook. We can also create advertising materials for you.
Starting the campaign and implementing optimization work – we continually monitor the effects of the advertising campaign and, if necessary, change some of its criteria.
Reporting the results of our work – monthly, you receive comprehensive statistics on the course of the campaign, along with an explanation.