Web analytics

Offer – Permanent analytical care

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your e-marketing activities or maybe you want to maintain the increase in conversion in a dynamically changing environment? Choose permanent analytical care in a trusted agency. Thanks to the continuous, comprehensive analysis of user behavior on your website, you can dynamically react to emerging opportunities and threats.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics consists in collecting and analyzing data about a website using professional tools to improve the functioning of the website and increase the effectiveness of marketing activities. The purpose of web analytics can be both the setting and the implementation of specific business goals, for example, optimization of conversions.

The analysis of users’ behavior

With the help of tools such as Google Analytics, you can get to know your company’s potential customers. You will get detailed information on their demographic data, such as age, gender and place of residence. You will learn from where they came to your site on the web. You can follow their every move on the website. This will give you valuable tips on how to optimize your website and increase conversion.

Thanks to the analytics, you will learn:

  • What conversion does your campaign generate – this is the key information on the effectiveness of your marketing activities.
  • Where do users look most often on your site – which content is the most attractive for them?
  • How is the traffic on your website distributed – are there any subpages that are better to quit?
  • When visitors leave your site – there may be obstacles for them that you don’t realize.
  • Which channel is the most converting – verification of compatible channels and ads will help you optimize your advertising message.
  • What you can do to increase the effectiveness of the campaign – you will get ideas backed by hard data.
  • How to effectively reach new customers – you will improve the details on your website that are most important from their point of view.

Why is it worth entrusting an agency with the use of Google Tag Manager?

While you can use Google Tag Manager on your own, it also pays off to hand it over to specialists who know best how to analyze non-standard user behavior. For example, the agency can be given access to edit, approve or publish in containers. We will help you use the potential of GTM to the maximum. We will save time and resources devoted to the work of your developers.

What is permanent analytical care at Greenfields?

Web analytics in our agency is a comprehensive service in which we monitor your website statistics through professional UX, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tools. Depending on the specifics of the website, we add new events and microconversions, and build dedicated reports, for example using the Google Data Studio tool. We also create dashboards.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that provides detailed information about the users of your website. Thanks to its extensive analytical possibilities, it has gained the status of the most popular web analytics tool in the world. Using the latest version of GA4, you can check, among other things, what users are using your website and how the number of visits is changing. GA4 monitors traffic on the basis of events, including on applications.

What is the Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool that provides analysts with greater control over tracking codes. With GTM, you can add and manage tracking codes to HTML without the need for developers’ services. Google Tag Manager will also provide you with a lot of relevant information, thanks to which you can increase the efficiency of your e-marketing activities.

Why is it always worth measuring the conversion on the website?

A large number of views on the page, which does not translate into the desired user actions, is the wasted potential of the website. In the long run, the lack of conversion at the level you want also runs the risk of the entire business failing. Only a reliable assessment of the quality of the traffic obtained will help you take the right actions, thanks to which your company can develop effectively.

Is it possible to integrate Google Analytics with other Google products?

Yes, you can combine Google Analytics with many other Google services, thanks to which you will gain even more valuable data about your website. Depending on the type of website or application, you can use integration with: Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio.

How do I share a Google Tag Manager container or account?

Google Tag Manager account and container sharing settings can be found in the administration section of the tool:

  1. Find the option to manage users.
  2. Click the round blue button with a white plus sign.
  3. Enter the email address provided by your agency.
  4. Select the permission level you want. For an account, it is either an administrator or a user. The container can be accessed by reading, editing, approving, or publishing.