Organic SEO based data positioning

Organic SEO based data positioning

Running a business online is like participating in a marathon. In order to win, you need thorough preparation and a way to beat the competition. Does your company have a great offer? Then give your customers a chance to reach them by investing in your website positioning. Online competition is fierce, but you don’t have to compete alone with it to be at the top. With the support of our SEO agency, you will quickly discover that effective website positioning is no stress – we guarantee predictability, measurability, and most importantly – adapting our work to your individual needs.


What is SEO?

SEO is short for the English term Search Engine Optimization. Its most frequently used Polish translation is website positioning. It means taking actions on and off the page to increase the visibility of the page in the search engine results, and more specifically its position in the Google results list. After entering any query, for example “SEO agency”, Google presents a list of the most relevant website suggestions. The sites are sorted from most valuable to least valuable, prompting users to use the results on the first page.

Although the mere presence of a website in the Google search engine is a small success, there is no need to hide that most users pay attention primarily to the first free search results. This is due to the time savings, as well as confidence in the search engine’s algorithm. For this reason, aware of the benefits of SEO, website owners are constantly striving to rank their websites higher.


SEO in a nutshell is:

  • The most effective, round-the-clock and long-term website advertising in the network.
  • SEO optimization of a given website to increase its visibility in search engines (97% of Internet users use Google).
  • Striving to rank your site as high as possible in organic (organic) search results.
  • The visibility of the page in results corresponding to specific queries entered by Google users.

What are the elements of SEO?

Google positioning is the result of many factors. Some of them are not much influenced, such as the history and age of the domain. The remaining ones, however, are subject to our modifications, which make up the comprehensive optimization of the website in terms of search engine algorithms.

The exact SEO workflow includes:

  • Briefing with the client – we learn about our industry and needs, we set common goals. The more you reveal to us, the faster and better we will implement the activities that will bring benefits.
  • SEO audit – we analyze the website comparing it with the competition. We look for errors by examining the structure of the website (for example, category trees or URLs), but also places that have unused potential. We analyze and choose the keywords. We work out a long-term positioning strategy.
  • On-site SEO – we implement activities directly on a positioned website. This includes adapting the website to user needs (user experience), content marketing (creating valuable content on the website) and technical optimization of the website.
  • Link Profile Optimization – We analyze the current linking profile and use its existing potential. Additionally, we individually decide to expand the link profile and acquire new external links pointing to the website. The target is related-topic sites that have a high quality rating. As a result, your company is also present in other places on the network.
  • Measurement and optimization of conversions – we use professional tools to verify the results and further improve the website.
  • Periodic reporting of results – we prepare effect reports giving you full insight into SEO effects.

What is SEO for?

Professional website positioning builds brand awareness among potential clients and increases sales and conversions, and therefore stimulates the company’s development. As a result, the online store can expand its range, the hairdresser can hire new employees, and the furniture company can gain an advantage over the competition. SEO will allow you to develop a well-established position in the market, which will make your company more resistant to crises.

Remember! Effective SEO is not only the one that positions the website high. We make sure that your website is positioned with the right key phrases, because this is the only thing that guarantees you the desired conversion.

Why is SEO so important?

The Internet has long overtaken other mass media in advertising, such as newspapers, radio and television. No wonder, there is a significant advantage over them – free search results. Pay attention to the fact that SEO activities have long-term effects. By investing in them today, you will appreciate the results not only in a month, but also in a year or a few years later.

Top 5 SEO Benefits

  1. Professional image – improving the quality of the site translates into a positive perception of your brand by its users. Intuitive, fast-loading and well-positioned website is equated with high quality of services.
  2. Qualitative traffic – we bring the right group of recipients to your website. These are the people who really are interested in your offer.
  3. Increase in recognition – the appearance of popular phrases on the first page of search results on Google guarantees reaching a large group of recipients. You will gain an advantage over the competition immediately.
  4. Transparency and measurable results – SEO is not just reading coffee grounds. Using professional tools, we constantly monitor the implemented strategy and regularly prepare clear statistics for you, for example regarding traffic and conversions. You can play an active role in supervising our work.
  5. Long-term effects – organic SEO works every day and around the clock. The long-term promotion of your website will bring you a high return on investment made for SEO.

Who needs SEO?

Marketing continuously migrates to the web and this applies not only to the e-commerce industry, but also to companies from the service, industrial and agricultural sectors. It doesn’t matter if you act

internationally, nationwide or locally. Positioning of websites is a profitable investment for anyone who exists or wants to appear on the Internet. If you plan to increase your earnings, do not hesitate to position yourself.

What does the SEO strategy depend on?

At Greenfields, we strive first to understand your business inside out. Then we select the right platforms and activities, developing a comprehensive SEO strategy. It results, inter alia, from:

  • the type of page (for example, a company website, online store, or blog),
  • industry in which the brand operates,
  • competitive key phrases,
  • the current position of the website on Google,
  • the history of the domain,
  • the budget allocated to SEO.

How much does positioning cost?

The cost of positioning consists of both the price of professional tools and the work time of a number of specialists. SEO pricing can vary due to the above-mentioned differences in the positioning strategy of each page. We offer you an individual quote, and therefore positioning tailored not only to the industry in which you operate, but also to the budget you have at your disposal. At Greenfields, we will work together to develop the most advantageous offer based on the model of cooperation you prefer. We are happy to prepare a detailed price list for you, taking into account different variants of the strategy.

How does SEO in Greenfields work?

This largely depends on your needs and preferences. You can:

  • Use our knowledge to build SEO awareness in your company, gain valuable resources, take over some optimization tasks and actively monitor the effects of our work.
  • Choose actions on your own from among the strategies we propose, adjusting them to your budget and industry.
  • Delegate to our specialists most of the recommended work on the website, such as changes in HTML code or content marketing.
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive package of services, limiting your interference only to the verification of costs and goals achieved.


  1. What’s included in the service price?

The organic positioning service includes:

– we prepare a website positioning strategy on Google,

– we carry out SEO analysis of the main competitors,

– we are assessing the possibility of implementing changes to the website,

– we prepare SEO guidelines for a developer or website administrator,

– we carry out periodic analyzes and provide optimization recommendations,

– we develop guidelines for preparing content for a copywriter in line with the SEO strategy and standards,

– we prepare attractive and effective website content – depending on the contract,

– we offer constant content-related and technical support in the field of positioning from an individual customer manager and / or SEO specialist,

– we regularly report the effects of positioning and the work done.


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