Offer – PPC – Google Ads campaigns

Do you aim high and do you like the quick effects of your undertakings? Bet on an increased recognition and increasing conversion by working with Greenfields to create Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads campaigns. We have mastered the most popular advertising system on the web. You can also find out about it.

What is Google Ads?

Advertising in Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords campaigns, effectively focuses the attention of recipients in various parts of the Internet. Google Ads is perfectly calculated. An ad created in Google Ads can be tailored to a specific group of recipients, for example due to their location, demographic data or entered queries in the Google search engine. In an issue such as AdWords campaigns, the offer is extremely beneficial for advertisers. They only pay for clicking an ad, not for showing it.

Google Ads ad type:

  • Text in the search engine – the first and still successful AdWords campaigns are the so-called sponsored links. They are based on specific keywords and can contain any content that encourages visitors to enter the site.
  • Banner ads on Google Display Network – dozens of banner ad formats that you can fill with your own graphics. Your ads may appear in different places on the Google content network. You can create contextual Google Ads ads (tailored to the subject of the page), displayed based on keywords, locations and many other criteria.
  • Video on YouTube – advertising videos can appear before playing the video on Youtube (In-Stream), while watching the video (YouTube Bumper Ads), while searching (Discovery), and in several other ways. Importantly, you will also pay for a video ad only after you see it.
  • Shopping in Google Shopping – a type of Google Ads advertisements designed especially for online stores. Requires a Google Merchant Center account. Ads are displayed in the search engine as a photo and price of the product, which redirect to the website of the online store when clicked.
  • Local campaigns – for stores and service providers operating in stationary. The Google Ads Local Campaign provides information on the point’s location, opening hours, and other metrics to encourage choice.
  • Remarketing – these are campaigns reminding users who have already visited your website about the possibility of finalizing a transaction. Remarketing lists are extremely useful for creating more successful ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid content displayed to users when browsing a social platform. Depending on the configuration, your Facebook Ads ad may appear in different places on this website, for example in news, stories or featured videos. While Facebook Ads are eye-catching, they do not arouse hostility among the public. This is due to the content being tailored to Facebook users who show interest in a similar topic.

What is included in Facebook Ads?

With Facebook Ads, you can create more than just Facebook advertising campaigns. American technology conglomerate Meta Platforms Inc. has alsoInstagramMessenger , and WhatsApp. Thanks to this, your ads can appear, among others, in the explore section on Instagram and in the inboxes of the aforementioned messengers.

Types of Ads in the Facebook Ads Network

  • Graphics – Any images that are intended to advertise your products and services. These can be, for example, pictures or advertising banners.
  • Slideshows – a looped movie consisting of up to 10 frames in the form of different graphics. A good form of advertisement for an online store.
  • Carousels – they contain several graphics that the user can move on his own.
  • Videos – video in an attractive way for the audience will allow you to smuggle in more content than a single graphic.
  • Collections – the most accessible option for presenting the assortment of an online store. Individual product photos can direct you to the appropriate shopping pages.
  • Instant Content – Formerly known as Canvas, is displayed when browsing Facebook on mobile devices.

LinkedIn is a social network suitable for B2B sales. Moreover, this platform will allow you to reach directly the decision-makers with whom you want to cooperate. You will further increase your chances of meeting your business goals through LinkedIn Ads campaigns. Greenfields should be commissioned to coordinate them professionally. Our specialists will do their best to generate as many leads for you as possible.

LinkedIn Ads

Via LinkedIn you can use the effective LinkedIn Lead Ads system. You can choose from advertisements in the form of:

  • a text
  • photos,
  • carousels,
  • videos,
  • job offers,
  • dynamic,
  • news,
  • conversational
  • events.

What’s more, you can define who is to see your ad. LinkedIn allows you to precisely define groups of recipients, for example by industry, education or profession.

Who are the Linkedin Ads ads for?

LinkedIn Ads is a service that can be used by company accounts registered on a social networking site. We recommend LinkedIn Ads mainly to brands that care about creating a professional image on the web. You should also use LinkedIn Ads:

  • during recruitment,
  • making new acquaintances in the industry
  • or looking for business partners.